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Poems by Penny E. Tindall

(the earliest one)...   Desire

Take apart my heart and see
What you'll find will surely be
Only there to please me!
                                      copywrite 7-7-04 Penny Tindall

Stone Beating Heart

The Secret Hurt

I had a witness; told a friend
Yet alone a wound to mend
A lie I could not easily tell
so silence would work just as well.
Small wimpers and gasps of air
painful steps taken everywhere.
No one told me I had to hide
Nobody cared about my pride.
A knight so brave goes out to battle
and fights among the noise of rattle.
If he has a love at home
Comfort's there, he's not alone.
Helpless will I be in fear
curled up in my corner here.
Foolish I may well have been
I can't give an answer then.
Peace be unto you and see
that like me you shall never be.

              copywrite 2-17-07 Penny Tindall

Black-out Light

Darkness fell and I was pleased
a chance now would come to breath
Why did the others not like it as well
thoughts of complaint were all they could tell.
We hadn't the time to do before
the things we needed to and more.
Now that we could and therefor did
their pleasure would remain well hid.
Had they believed I knew not why
They had to look around and sigh?
I would have reason to feel the same
Yet what then would I have to gain?
I, on purpose, decided not
to let my temper get so hot.
I had to see the fun and play
So hard I had worked all that day.
Back to normal things will be
A welcomed break came, at least for me.
                      copywrite 8-12-07 Penny Tindall

He's Alone

He isn't aware
that he should be here
and that we should be together
He hasn't thought of me
the way I have of him
so alone he storms the weather
Though I know not his name
nor what he looks like
I've wondered when we may meet
But he must not be thinking
Of a girl who remains waiting
and is missing half a heart-beat

                              copywrite 7-10-04 Penny Tindall

That's it for now. I'm curious what you think. Feel free to comment.