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Hello! This is Penny Tindall. Hope you enjoy learning about me and my work. I am a Gaston Co. native artist. This first page will be where I post information about current works in progress or recent shows. You can find out more about me and see more of my art by scrolling down this page and clicking on the next pages.
I have been commissioned to paint the doors of the children's wing of Hardin Baptist Church. It came along fine and is now ready for public viewing. I'ts on the outside of the building so you can see it from the road as you drive by.

at the church


Here I am at the Lincolnton YMCA arts and craft fair on November 10th of '08. I had fun even though I only sold one painting... the one in the lower corner. I titled it "Mystery Man". It's an outline of a man walking with a blue background.

News Flash update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I have a studio space at Arts on Main in downtown Gastonia!


The School project was a success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  The Harden Elementary School class reunion went very well and everybody liked my painting. It was auctioned off and the highest bidders were Mr. and Mrs. Neil Burton. Such fun! Thank you to everybody who donated photos to go by, as the school burned down and I had to do it all from scratch. A book was available at the reunion by Carol Smith Gregg and it has plenty of photos in it.
update... a copy of Carol's book is now at the Gaston County public library in the genealogy room upstairs.  But it doesn't feature my painting.

As introduction, I am an artist from North Carolina. I have exhibited my work in shows sponsored by the Gaston County Art Guild and have sold many commission works for clients over the years. I'm happy to have this new way to display my work.

copyright Penny Tindall 1997

here is my Biker Girl painting. That's the title it got stuck with, but it's original title was Ashdown Drive-In. It is available for purchase from my appointment only. I also sell prints of it in the gift shop. Some have asked if I made the girl up out of my head or if she's just a model from a magazine, but actually she's a girl that my pen-pal from England photographed. I don't know her name.

copyright Penny Tindall 1999

This is titled BeatPix. It's an abstract version of a collage of pictures of the Beatles... or portions of the pictures. Look for: John with his goggles, Paul's striped shirt, Ringo's rings, George's wavy hair. There are also personal additions, such as the purple tassles that only mean anyting to me. I think it turned out pretty well. People are confused by it, but that only makes me like it more!

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